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Advanced Power Designs is the first to introduce programmable DC power supplies on dual C-Size VXI card formats. Designed specifically for easy integration into new VXI automatic test systems, these state-of-the-art power supplies are fully compliant with all VXI specifications for direct installation into any standard C-Size VXI card cage. They can even be purchased with LABVIEW, LABWINDOWS, CVI or HPVEE Graphical User Interfaces*, and a fully integrated command and control software program written for the National Instruments MXI I/O. protocol.


Plug and Play Drivers

Also available with the VXI600 programmable power supplies are National Instruments Plug & Play driver sets. These drivers and associated function panels provide a graphical interface for quick and easy manual control of the instrument. Since no knowledge of the instrument command and control set is necessary, development time is drastically reduced. Available are drivers compatible with National Instruments LabWindows, LabWindows CVI, or LabView.*

You can obtain Advanced Power Designs VXI600 Plug & Play drivers by contacting us at Advanced Power Designs, Inc., 19772 Pauling, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610, (949)600-6400, by fax at (949)600-6401, by E-Mail at fred@vxibus.com or via E-Mail from our web site, by selecting the SUPPORT button. You can also download the latest driver DLL's, function panels, and documentation via our Links or Support pages.


VXIMAIN User Interface

Available with Advanced Power Designs VXI600 programmable power supply, is a fully integrated and supported software program called VXIMAIN. VXIMAIN provides users with full access to all the VXI600 commands and functions directly via mouse point and click, and keyboard entries where appropriate. Development time is significantly reduced since no program development time is necessary to create the software needed to communicate via the VXI600 SCPI interface.

VXIMAIN functions include full support for single or parallel use of all three VXI600 power modules, the setting of all voltages, current limits, trips and timers, and easy to use controls for managing the VXI600 voltage/current sequence list option. VXIMAIN maintains constant contact with the VXI600 power supply, and instantly reflects VXIMAIN Configuration WindowVXI600 state changes, such as current adjustments, and trip conditions. All instrument messages and events are displayed in easily readable message boxes.

VXIMAIN runs on Microsoft Windows DOS, 3.1, and Windows 95*. A sample VXIMAIN program, VXIDEMO, is available for download free of charge on our web site, by selecting the SUPPORT button. No VXI600 hardware is necessary to run the demo program.








Below are the four main windows which comprise VXIMAIN.

VXIMAIN Configuration Window.
This window allows the user to assign logical output channels to the three individual power supplies within the VXI600, or assign each of the power supplies to one channel, for paralleled output.

The maximum voltage and current values for each power supply module is displayed for reference, along with controls for functions such as selftest and reset.

VXIMAIN Control WindowVXIMAIN Control Window.
The Control Window provides power, relay, and external sense switches. Also, input boxes for voltage, current, and trip settings are available.

A number of readback display boxes are visible, which are continuously updated while the unit on, and show voltage and current values in both a digital and bar graph format. Errors are displayed in the message box.

VXIMAIN Sequencing Window

VXIMAIN Sequencing Window.
The VXIMAIN sequencing window provides the user with controls to utilize the Sequence List function. With the VXI600 sequence list, users can program up to 20 voltage values to be trigged by a timer, or by user issued SCPI commands. The logical channel to be used can be specified and input or active errors are displayed in the message box.

VXIMAIN Display WindowVXIMAIN Display Window.
The Display window allows the user to see the activity on all three power modules simultaneously. Voltage and current values are continuously updated on this window for all powered on modules. References to the power module in use and status flags are provided. Error conditions are flagged via an ALARM status light. The error itself can be viewed on the Control window.

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